The Housekeeping Team

How really demanding is the cleaning of apartment residences?

We all know how housekeeping works right? Housekeepers push trolleys around elegant corridors cleaning beautiful rooms left in almost perfect condition by guests. They are always happy and there is plenty of time to get the work done.

Today we will open your eyes a little to the reality of cleaning apartments in multiple locations and the difficulties encountered and what our people achieve to ensure you have a beautifully clean and fully equipped apartment. We are sure you know even the work of housekeeping in hotels is not as easy and smooth as they make it look. Now we explain why our housekeeping team are Our Invisible Heroes.

Apartments are much more complex than hotel rooms for starters. Our apartments have fully equipped kitchens and what a surprise, our guests use them. Imagine cleaning your whole kitchen to be perfect for someone else every time you use it including cooking hob, fridge, freezer, dishwasher, microwave etc etc etc. This is not only a quick wipe down, but ensuring every utensil, every piece of cutlery, every plate, glass and cup is perfectly clean and in perfect condition. What happens when something gets broken? Housekeeping must replace with new items and keep the kitchen inventory to the correct levels.


Not all of our locations have elevators and in others due to the age of the building the elevator goes to the mid point of different floors. In many locations housekeeping trolleys will not fit in such elevators or the landing space does not support trolley use. In such buildings our team has to manually move all materials in and out of the apartments including all the laundry. Hard work indeed. We also have 19 locations meaning our team often is moving between locations as they work which adds time and complexity to their day.

Apartments have a far greater number of items that get broken or need maintenance. Our Housekeeping team then needs to inform our Maintenance team of the issue, ensure the repair is done, before reporting the apartment clean.

As apartments are more complex than hotel rooms, our guests have a much wider variety of questions and potential problems to address which requires our Housekeeping team to be flexible and in constant contact with our Reception and Customer Care teams to ensure everything is taken care of as soon as possible. We are proud of how they deal with so many challenges and do their best to take care of all our guest’s enquiries.

And of course mistakes get made and sometimes something is forgotten and as it is visible to you our guest, it is immediately picked up on. There Invisible Heroes are so important to us and you as due to their work you have a perfectly prepared apartment for your arrival. All that hard work is so you can enjoy a wonderful stay in the center of Prague!

Our Housekeeping operation is run by Petr Petty, a very experienced hospitality manager who prior joining Prague Residences, worked in a similar position for several Prague hotels. We are delighted he works with us with the aim of meeting your expectations of having a clean and comfortable apartment to enjoy your stay with us in our magical city.

Article author:

Colin Stanley