Easter in Prague

Enjoy Easter fun in Prague

Hop over to Prague for the prolonged Easter weekend. In the Czech Republic, we like to keep traditions, which you will discover at the Easter markets.

There are several markets in Prague. The biggest and most important one takes place on Old Town Square. This year it is open from 16th March to 7th April from 10 am to 10 pm.

What can you expect from a visit to the Easter Market? You can of course, like at any other market, shop nicely and get interesting Easter decorations, but what else? To understand some of the activities that happen and items that are sold at Easter Markets in Prague, here is a glimpse into the Czech Easter traditions. At Easter, it is customary to weave a pomlázka (aka whip) in the Czech Republic. A pomlázka is described in Wikipedia as an "instrument" that is knitted from 6-12 willow twigs. This instrument (a really funny word) is then tied tightly on the thicker side of the twigs, because that's the side by which you hold it, and is decorated with ribbons on the thinner side. Pomlázka then finds its use on Easter Monday in the hands of the boys who chase the girls with it in order to "whip" them, i.e. pat them lightly.


On Easter Monday, the girls prepare painted eggs called kraslice (Easter eggs). Making traditional Easter eggs is quite complicated by today's standards with complicated methods such as wirework or engraving, to the simpler ones, such as batik. The most popular is simple dyeing and then painting with wax or sticking stickers.

The most amusing thing about our tradition in these gender-hypercorrect times is that the girls create all those Easter eggs to reward the boys who "beat" them with pomlázka. In defense of Czech traditions, it should be added that this tradition dates back to the 14th century, when it is first recorded. Isn't it wonderful that our holiday traditions have survived to this day? 

Once you've absorbed the traditional Czech concept of Easter, maybe you'll like it too and adopt it in addition to (or instead of :) simply eating chocolate Easter eggs. 


At Easter markets in Prague, you will also find traditional Easter food and drink. Baked lamb, tangled yeast dough and decorated gingerbread will all be washed down with authentic Czech pálenka (schnapps). A decorated birch tree will then stand in the centrer of each market, under which a rich cultural program will take place. There will be performances by professional and amateur singing and dancing groups and folklore groups from all over the Czech Republic and abroad.

In addition to Old Town Square, Easter markets will also be held on Wenceslas Square and Square of the Republic. So come to Prague for Easter and stay in one of our apartments. Our apartments are simply at the best locations and you will always have the market within a stone's throw. For example, we have 3 beautiful residences on the popular Wenceslas Square. VN3 Terraces Suites along with VN17 Rooftop Suites are located at the bottom of the square, while VN48 Suites are at the top of the square a short walk from the iconic St. Wenceslas statue.  

Article author:

Kateřina Čmoková