Theatre 9 Apartments

Brand new by Adrez Living

Welcome to Theatre 9 Apartments

Step into the world of newly opened apartments, where each stay is an experience in itself. Our newly opened residence boasts a cool, contemporary design with modern comforts. Every corner of the apartment is brand new, promising a fresh and exciting local living experience. Imagine staying in a space that's not only comfortable but also aesthetically pleasing, perfect for you - the modern traveler.

A prime adrez with theatrical charm. Right above the Kalich Theatre, our apartmants are a perfect spot for theater lovers and culture enthusiasts. Imagine stepping out of your apartment and right into a world of drama and music.  From the enchanting "Ratcatcher" musical to the compelling drama " It's never too late," Kalich Theater offers a rich program catering to diverse tastes.


Each of the 29 apartments has its own unique charm, and for a slightly elevated experience, our attic accommodations offer pleasant views of the surrounding rooftops of Prague. These five attic apartments are accessible only by stairs (just one flight of stairs to walk), it adds a touch of light exercise to your day. Think of it as a little adventure every time you return to your peaceful haven above Prague!

Whether you're a solo adventurer, a couple on a romantic getaway, or a group of friends exploring the city, Theatre 9 Apartments cater to all. Our spaces are designed to be versatile, ensuring comfort and convenience for every type of traveler.

Here you are on the best possible adrez in the city, no doubts. Besides the rich theater experience, you're just a short walk from must-see rotating bust of Franz Kafka. Stroll down Narodni street to reach the iconic National Theater, immersing yourself in the vibrant local culture.

So? Ready for an unforgettable stay? Theatre 9 Apartments are eagerly awaiting your arrival. Book now and be among the first to experience this unique blend of culture and comfort. Click here to book your apartment and embark on the ultimate Prague adventure.

Article author:

Kateřina Čmoková