Prague Residences is changing its name

Adrez Living: Redefining the art of "living like a local"

Prague Residences is undergoing a branding transformation to become Adrez Living. Our journey began humbly in 2004 with a single apartment. Today, we proudly stand with 19 locations comprising 379 apartments and hotel rooms, and an exciting expansion to 430 on the horizon. The shift to Adrez Living signifies more than just a change in name; it embodies an evolution of our vision – to provide independent, tech-savvy, and uniquely designed living spaces that aren't simply places to stay, but rather, destinations to experience.

Living local with a worldwide touch

Adrez Living shows what we believe in - giving a stay that feels like you’re really part of the city but still very cozy like your own home. We resonate with the motto "Embrace local life. Enjoy the comforts of home," and we aim to extend this experience not only in Prague, but also in other wonderful locales across the Czech Republic and Europe. We offer you the option of indulging in upscale accommodations or choosing more budget-friendly alternatives. Adrez is more than just a place to stay; it's a starting point for immersing yourself in local customs, culture, and history. It's all about making your visit extraordinary, especially for those who relish travel and exploration.

Rebranding: a strategic decision

Rebranding delves deeper than adopting a new name or logo – it's about aligning with our mission, vision, and the evolving preferences of our guests. Adrez Living embodies a friendlier, more approachable brand, committed to fostering stronger connections within our community. Our dedication to innovation remains steadfast, and Adrez serves as a testament to our bold strides in enhancing every guest's experience.

Why Adrez?

The name is easy to remember and uncomplicated. It's a name that people from various countries can easily grasp and pronounce, a crucial aspect as we want everyone seeking an apartment in Prague to think of us first. When you hear Adrez, you can rest assured that engaging with us and understanding our offerings will be effortless. Our brand exudes strength and represents what we promise – the finest spots in the city, comfortable lodgings, and a sense of belonging to the community.

Transitioning from Prague Residences to Adrez Living

This transition marks the commencement of a brand new chapter. We hold fast to the same core values and continue to provide exceptional places to stay. However, we now present a modern, pleasing, and robust aesthetic, which we will implement in our interior designs in the future as well.

This fresh approach demonstrates our resolve to redefine what it means to live in Prague. We are poised for growth, ready to extend our vision to more cities in Europe. We invite you to join us on this exciting adventure that awaits.

Welcome to Adrez Living – where every address opens the door to local charm, and every stay crafts an unforgettable chapter in your travel narrative. Join us, and discover your place in the world's most enchanting cities, reimagined.

Article author:

Kateřina Čmoková