Tasty Czech cuisine

Indulge yourself in Prague

If Prague is on your radar, get ready! Not only is Prague a perfect blend of history and architecture, but it's also a place to indulge your taste buds. That's why we're bringing you a few tips on the must-try dishes you'll definitely have to try in order to say. "So, now I've really been to Prague"

1. Trdelník: A roll of sweet perfection!

Imagine this: you're wandering the beautiful streets of Prague and suddenly - BOOM! - you're hit with the smell of something divine. Trdelník. Nice to meet you. Your future sweet obsession. Crunchy, sweet and perfectly rolled. But what's the best part? That you can buy it in many places, and our residences are strategically placed around these Trdelník hotspots! That's right, our elegant accommodation, now specifically at Golden Angel Suites at Celetná Street, where there are more than enough places to sample Trdelník, is not only super convenient - it's also in the middle of a food paradise.

2. Goulash and Dumplings

Dip your fork into a bowl of rich, properly spiced stew. Combined with fluffy dumplings, this is a dish that will make you want to snuggle up and profess your love for Czech cuisine forever.

3. Svíčková: simply delight your palate!

Delicious, creamy, simply PERFECT! Svíčková is the best creamy sauce, beef, cranberries and a slice of lemon in a symphony of flavours that will make your taste buds dance. With a dumpling like from grandma's kitchen.

4. Pancakes: pancake lovers, rejoice!

Who says pancakes are just for breakfast? Czechs certainly don't! Pancakes are the rolled up, perfectly filled answer to your sweet (or savory) cravings. Whether it's marmalade, a chocolate fantasy or even cheese, pancakes are simply popular in Prague

5. Beer: Raise a glass (or two)!

Thirsty? Of course you are! And while you're in Prague, your drink "must be" - beer! From a fresh Pilsner-style beer to a dark lager that will soothe the soul. There are plenty of beer gardens in the city centre with a variety of beer specials from small and large breweries. The great thing is that our apartment residences are located at the best addresses in Prague, so you'll always have a glass of the delicious beverage on hand. For example, our 3 Epoques Apartments are located right above the popular pub U Kunštátu, where they tap top-notch lagers!

Our next tip for a proper beer is the popular Fat Cat restaurant, located right in our hotel Palác U Kočků. It's the place where a stream of tourists discovering the Royal Route will take you. That's right, directly on the Royal Route, like kings, you too can indulge in a delicious drink on the outdoor terrace.

So after a marathon of sightseeing, you know where to go for a cold mug of frothy booze. Cheers!

Prague isn't just a city - it's an adventure full of flavours, full of bites and sips that will make your trip unforgettable. And while you're on the road, let our apartments be your cozy base in the heart of all that delicious action.

Article author:

Kateřina Čmoková