Old Town Square

Why is Old Town Square worth a visit?

Welcome to Old Town Square (in Czech called Staromák)! The most important square in Prague 

Why do we give it such importance? Because this is where history has always been made. Not only foreign travelers coming to discover the beauty of our capital city look forward to seeing Staromák, but we also learn about it at school. After all, this part of history is actually "sadly amusing" with, all those medieval executions and defenestrations. 

But first things first.

Along with Prague Castle, Old Town Square is one of the oldest places in Prague. It was here around the marketplace that the first Praguers built their houses and thus laid the foundation for the now legendary square. The mention of the first administrator who collected fees in the marketplace dates back to 1211.

In 1338, King John of Luxembourg granted the Old Town a permission to build a town hall. And it was built right here. That's the tall clock tower with the astronomical clock, the unique medieval mechanical clock, which is located on the south side of the Old Town Hall tower. Every full hour, when the tower bell tolls, the 12 figures of the apostles "walk past the small windows" at the top part of the clock. The Apostles can be seen daily from 9am to 11pm.


The Old Town Hall also witnessed the second Prague defenestration, when Catholic nobles were thrown out of its windows in 1483 by an angry crowd of Utraquists.

Old Town Square is also famous for other horrific acts that took place here. Where else would they happen? The square had become the center of Old Prague's bustling urban life.

We can recall the most famous execution, the memory of which is paved in front of the main part of the town hall. In 1621, twenty seven  Bohemian noblemen were executed here after the Estates Uprising. It is remembered here by 27 crosses in the pavement. Look out! According to legend, this place is cursed and whoever walks through it will meet a terrible fate! 

Apart from a very brief summary of the important historical events that took place at Old Town Square, let's take a look at those that are taking place here today. Not today specifically, but seasonally in modern times, every year at Christmas and Easter. This is when Old Town Square comes alive with people who come to enjoy the traditional atmosphere of the local markets that are always held here on these holidays. The Christmas ones are the most beautiful and most visited in Prague.

As Old Town Square is the center of Prague, it is clear that every tourist and traveler who visits the city would want to stay right there or in its immediate neighborhood.

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Kateřina Čmoková